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Introducing Ease in the Property Management Ecosystem.

A maintenance software designed for the next generation of consumers.

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1. For Property Managers.

Connect your properties, current vendors, and schedule to seamlessly create a digitized maintenance ecosystem. Fyxt optimizes your workflow with easy communication organized dashboards for everything you need.

2. For Tenants.

No more intermediaries. Direct lines of contact facilitate faster Work Order scheduling and resolution.

3. For Vendors.

Fyxt tracks job progress from start to finish and generates detailed reports for review, download, & invoice. Vendors can send messages, bid on jobs, and track workflow within the entire ecosystem on the go.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Access what you want, when you want. Sometimes you need to handle things on different devices. We get it.

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Value Adds.

  • User-friendly dashboards

    Thoughtful design makes it easy to navigate the platform, approve or deny tenant requests, compare vendor quotes and schedule appointments all from customized user portals.

  • Work Order Management

    Vendors bid on Work Orders and Management selects the most attractive quote. Chat with selected vendors through private channels and schedule appointments.

  • Central Communication

    Trust your professional. Leave a review to provide management feedback, or sift through public vendor reviews and find the perfect match.

  • Cost Effective

    Structurally induced price bidding keeps vendor quotes maximally competitive and transparent while public reviews maintain service quality.

  • Time Effective

    We've introduced real time Work Order updates and removed property managers as intermediaries, simplifying the full experience.

  • Custom Tailored

    Fyxt boasts an advanced analytics engine passively gathering data for comprehensive reporting. Analytics become more robust the longer the platform is in use, reporting full-spectrum KPI’s for management and suggesting preventative maintenance for users.

The Fyxt Solution

  1. Request ServiceThrough predefined maintenance categories, provide photo or video documentation and a short description of the service issue.
  2. Approve / Deny Work OrderOnce received, Property Managers can quickly approve or reject a work order from a desktop or mobile device.
  3. ApproveOnce approved, a Work Order converts to a Job Order enabling vendors to submit proposals for cost and availability.
  4. SchedulingOnce a proposal is selected, a channel opens between the tenant and the selected vendor for scheduling.
  5. Site VisitDuring site visits, vendors will either address the reported issue or re-evaluate the required service where necessary. Updating an existing Work Order is made simple through Fyxt’s Change Order interface.
  6. Invoice GenerationFollowing the successful resolution of a tenants problem, both vendors and tenants have the option to review their experience. Invoices are then automatically generated and routed to relevant parties.

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